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This is me, Menno Arkesteijn. I started running in 2012 and ran my first event back then in my hometown  Hoorn (Holland).

(photo: Zandvoort Circuit Run 2015)

Right there I came up with the idea to develop an alternative 
for the safety-pins. As you can see I  tested the  BibDots  myself thoroughly
As you can see I tested the BibDots myself thoroughly… even in bad weathers.

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BibDots Reviews

Lienke de Jong

Reviews I often buy a new shirt when I have a nice run. Nice for the photos but also for my feeling. I’m going to run faster! Only .. you get a starting number with safety pins. Noooo There goes my nice new shirt .. But hey, there is now a solution!

Rose Mentink

A drawback we find the start number, with those pins we all puncture our beautiful shirts. Now there are elastic bands that you can do around your waist, but they are not for a meter. So a problem. But not anymore, because thanks to the double-sided stickers from startnummerstickers.nl you do not need any more pins. You just buy the small package with 3 sheets of 6 and 2 spare stickers and stick them on the corners of your starting number .

Jessica Bakker

Ideal if you have nice running clothes and do not want to get holes there. I was a little bit skeptical, so I also put safety pins in my pocket, but they were absolutely not necessary!